LASACT Conference '20 Going Virtual!

Registration Now Open!

Great news:

Registration is open for those seeking to participate in the LASACT ’20 Virtual Conference. You can now create a profile by visiting, then register using the following link: Register NOW

LASACT ’20 Prevention Track Q&A

What are the dates for the LASACT ’20 Prevention Track?

The dates for the Prevention Track portion of the LASACT ’20 conference are from Thursday, September 24, 2020 to Saturday, September 26, 2020.

How many hours can I get from the LASACT ’20 Prevention Track?
LASACT ’20 is offering 15 hours to those that attend all sessions during the totality of this portion of the
conference and complete the evaluation for each individual session.

How do I register for the LASACT ’20 Prevention Track portion of the conference?
Have you already registered for the Conference? If the answer is yes, then you are already done. If you have not yet registered for the conference, you can follow the following steps:

1. Create a profile with TPN.Health at (NOTE: The same email associated with
your LASACT membership must be used in order to get the discount.)
2. Visit the conference registration webpage listed above.
3. Select your Conference Pass.
4. Answer a few questions.

Will I have to pay extra in order to attend the LASACT ’20 Prevention Track portion of the conference?
No you will not! The cost to enjoy the information and material included in the LASACT ’20 Prevention Track portion of the conference is included in the initial registration for the conference. Once you have paid, you are all
set enjoy the wonderful presentations we have scheduled.

What if I have to miss some of the sessions due to work, etc.?
All session are being recorded for later play back. Once you watch the session and submit the subsequent evaluation, you can receive your certificate.

LASACT '20 Conference Agenda

Below you can find the easy-to-navigate agenda. Simply use the navigation arrows located at either side of the
slide in order to view the agenda in its entirety.

LASACT 2020 Virtual Conference

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